Credits & Thanks


Much like the rest of site, the following is ripped strate from the GGI project's web site.

The following persons shall be eternally remembered as contributors to The GGI^H^H^HKGI project. May their name (given in no special order [its mostly alphabetical anyways]) stay carved forever on this humble digital stele. If your name is missing and you think it's unfair, please contact somebody.

  • Steffen Seeger : KGI Project Leader & Developer
  • Nicholas Souchu : KGI Developer (largely responsible for the FreeBSD port)


  • Andreas Beck
  • Brian S. Julin
  • Emmanuel Marty
  • Filip Spacek
  • Johan Karlberg
  • Jon Taylor
  • Jos Hulzink
  • Rodolphe Ortalo


In addition the following people...

  • Jason McMullan
  • Marcus Sundberg
  • Paul Sargent
  • Steve Cheng

...companies & institutions that deserve mentioning also.

  • 3Dlabs Incorporated
  • AEON Technologies
  • The Freiburger Linux Users Group
  • University of Technology Chemnitz for providing hosting in the very early project stage
  • VA Research for once hosting the KGI project