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KGI porting guide

To be written [You may want to view the developer mailing list archives for a start]


Follow the to do list as far as time permits.

Site maintenance

The site is generated with the project's web site infrastructure build/system.

To obtain the infrastructure use CVS and checkout the www module.

Copy the ggisettings file from the checkout in html/infrastructure/ggisettings to your $HOME directory & rename it to .ggisettings

You will need configure the paths correctly in .ggisettings to reflect where CVS stored the www module checkout.

The content for the web site is stored in various *.txt files located in html/

cd to html/infrastructure & make site.

Your system will need Python and docutils installed to successfully complete make site.

The change log tracks the development of the web site. Please keep it updated.



Currently the freebsd module is the only actively developed code at this time.

The i386 port is working at an alpha status. Currently KGI makes use of FreeBSD's VESA mode setting and graphics capablities. Booting into multi user mode is functioning, and the systems appears to be stable.

With the recent work of OpenBSD's VESA AMD64 emulation ported to FreeBSD, it may be possible to port the i386 code to AMD64.

No GPU drivers have been ported, re-written or updated yet.

This effort is based on the original works from nsouch's P4 repo.

Shut up and hack :-)

the Hurd

The core KGI system was in the process of being ported to GNU Hurd. [It would be neat to get some information on how this went]


The Linux branch has stagnated. It was last built against a 2.4 kernel.

Other systems

Over the years there has been interest in KGI from other projects, NetBSD & other BSD systems for example, though it is unclear on where the progress has stalled (if any was made) at this point.