New ideas, development strategies and user support happens via IRC (Internet relay chat). However, there are also mailing lists available. They are provided to reach a broader audience in the event someone cannot be raised on IRC.


Check out the #KGI channel on the FreeNode Network. This channel is intended to be for KGI support, development and related topics. Chatting is allowed, but please keep things friendly.

The channel is logged and the logs can be found at

Currently, #KGI is redirected to it's sibling project #GGI

Mailing lists

We currently have one mailing list for KGI, hosted at where it is intended that users & developers can ask questions, relate success-stories and exchange ideas and or recipes.

Subscribe kgi-develop (SSL-protected)

Archives of the mailing lists can be found at the subscription links above.

In order to avoid problems with spam on the mailing lists, we do not allow posts from non-subscribers; if you do not wish to subscribe, send your messages to a KGI developer (recommend using IRC). Unfortunately, spammers have started abusing the From field of emails, making people think our mailing lists are insecure.

Please check the archives for proof that our lists are safe. If such messages do not go via our lists, there is very little we can do about the spammers; sue them and/or filter their garbage out.


Alternatively you can contact the GGI (General Graphic Interface) project and ask for what you need there.