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2009-10-01 : New FreeBSD download

A patch is available for download made against FreeBSD 8.0-RC1

2009-09-22 : Updated website

The web site infrastructure has been synchronized with GGI's. Also, there has been some re-structuring and modifications made to the colouring, layout & such.

A new www module in CVS has been created to keep track of the build infrastructure used to maintain this site.

2009-08-31 : New CVS branch created for FreeBSD

FreeBSD development is currently being carried out in


2008-02-26 : FreeBSD8 code available

KGI alpha patch for FreeBSD-8 available [No longer available. See news items from 2009-08-31]



2005-04-09 : Article about OpenSource Graphics

2005-02-27 : Enjoy the new site!

2005-02-01 : Debian packages

Debian package is available for the KGI-0.9 patch (against 2.4.27). See README.Debian in the package. Also kgidrv was packaged for Debian in version 0.2. Reminder, kgidrv is the new driver framework commonly used by kgi4Linux and kgi4BSD. Binary modules are distributed for kernel 2.4.27.




2004-02-28 : Linux 2.4.25

Support for current linux-2.4.25 has been added to cvs.

2003-10-07 : kgi4BSD

Nicholas Souchu is making great progress towards ports of GGI and KGI to FreeBSD. You can find more information on the kgi4BSD site.

2003-03-26 : Website access

Thanks to a little trick, we managed to get and redirecting to this page. Welcome to the people who visited the old pages !

2003-03-20 : Monitor driver progress

The first DDC2 success reports are in. The monitor driver now seeks the highest refresh rate available. For now, only the Radeon driver has working DDC2, somehow the Matrox driver just doesn't want to work.

2003-01-17 : IRC meeting coming soon !

A new IRC meeting has been scheduled for Saturday February 1st, 2300 hours Amsterdam / 1700 hours Calgary time. Topics of discussion:

  • Bugs / shortcomings in the KGI core. KGI-0.9 is rather usable now. What is there left to fix before users can see how nice KGI is ?

    • Console ALT-F5 is linked to graphics ALTGR-F6
    • Accellerator deadlocks when switching console
    • When a console is closed, display the one that was mapped before. (If it still exists)
    • When a driver takes over a console, it should redraw.
  • Driver issues that affect other drivers too. Missing resources ?
  • This new homepage. Contributions please !
  • Snapshots / releases. Should we release some beta stuff already ?
  • AGP support. How to do it, where to start ?
  • SMP support. The Big Bug is gone, now we should have lockdown mechanisms.