The KGI Project


KGI (Kernel Graphics Interface), is a project that aims for a portable framework providing a means for fully accelerated, secure, stable & portable GPU drivers to be implemented and used across multiple different platforms supporting KGI, with only needing a re-compile at most.

The basic driver functionality (including mode setting) is preformed in kernel space, this allows for a powerful console system.

KGI provides a flexible console system, which allows the user to map any input to any virtual console on any display. Multiple display support has been designed and implemented at the core of the KGI system since its initial design.

Together with GGI (General Graphics Interface) the two projects provide a full featured accelerated system to the console without the need for additional drivers. KGI handles the minimum required for safe acceleration and mode switching, while GGI operates from user space without loosing stability or security.

With the stable system of KGI & GGI users can make use of XGGI for a X11 environment. This setup moves X11 away from kernel space and leaves the hardware management up to KGI

However, if the user chooses so, there is no need for a heavy X11 based environment. Applications can run in a full screen graphics mode directly on the console.

Latest news


2009-10-01 : New FreeBSD download

A patch is available for download made against FreeBSD 8.0-RC1

2009-09-22 : Updated website

The web site infrastructure has been synchronized with GGI's. Also, there has been some re-structuring and modifications made to the colouring, layout & such.

A new www module in CVS has been created to keep track of the build infrastructure used to maintain this site.

2009-08-31 : New CVS branch created for FreeBSD

FreeBSD development is currently being carried out in


2008-02-26 : FreeBSD8 code available

KGI alpha patch for FreeBSD-8 available [No longer available. See news items from 2009-08-31]